Date Guest Speaker Location
January 14 Youth Retreat COG KC
January 28 Wynn Skelton Heartland COG
MARCH 3-5 Christian Women's Retreat Parkville, MO.
March 11 Jeff Ledy Heartland COG
March 18 Dave Havir COG KC
Holy Day Schedule
April 9 Passover (7:45 pm Services) COG KC
April 10 Night to be Much Observed - Junior Service League building  
April 11 First Day of Unleavened Bread - Snacks 1:00pm and Services at 2:00pm COG KC
April 17 Last day of Unleavened Bread - 2:00pm COG KC
June 4 Pentecost - Services at 11:00 am Harrisonville
September 21 Trumpets Heartland COG
September 30 Atonement COG KC
October 5-11 Tabernacles  
October 12 Last Great Day